Cruising the Past

Sunday 13 August 2017
LUX, London

This day workshop explores cruising as a method for tracing the queer past and surviving in the present and future, drawing on Fiona Anderson and Laura Guy’s research into pre-HIV/AIDS queer social and sexual cultures, regeneration, and community building in the 1970s.

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Seminario Millones de perversas. La radicalidad sexual en los años setenta/Millions of perverts. Sexual radicality in the seventies

June 26, 2017

26-27 June 2017
CentroCentro y Conde Duque, Madrid

Millions of perverses aims to make collective formulas of struggle again accessible, explores genealogies of certain transgressive approaches to sexuality and gender, and activates in our present the political uses of the memories of sexual radicality that time and his official narrations have blurred.

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Between the Sheets: Radical print cultures before the queer bookshop

January 6, 2017

Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow, Scotland
23-24 February 2017

Between the Sheets is framed around three conversations with a range of speakers who will share their experiences with print cultures in the 1970s,

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