Make a new PAGE
– Login to WordPress > Dashboard Menu > Pages > Add New
– Give it a title
– Type in content in the text editing window
– Emphasis: click bold on the text editing menu
– Click Publish on right hand side of Dashboard when done and Update each time you edit the content
– If page is a child of another page, select the Parent on the right hand Page Attributes
– You can keep the site page open in another tab to quickly view the changes look OK after updating. Remember to refresh the browser window after each update to see the changes

Make a new POST (NEWS)
– Same as above
– Posts go automatically on the News page, set as the blog page displaying posts

– No need to format type in any way if simply written in. If copy-pasted from another site, you should clear formatting with eraser-tool from the text-editing toolbar
– No need to change type size
– Left-alignment used throughout
– Use bold for titles
Soft-return (shift+return) between paragraphs if no line-gap wanted

Adding Images
– Make sure image is not too big to add on website (72dpi, not 300dpi, not too large dimensions)
– Click Add Media above the text editing tool bar
– Click Upload Files in the Media window > select the file from your computer you wish to bring into the Media Library
– Click Insert into Page
– Click image > click pen-icon to edit the image or to add a caption
– Caption appears on index page but delete caption when image is on the main project space
– Sometimes image goes to the top of the page after making a caption. Content easier to re-order in ‘Text’ mode of the editing window (top-right corner of editing window)

Managing the Menu
– Dashboard left hand menu > Appearance > Menus
– In the Pages box, click the page you want to add, click Add to Menu
– In Menu Structure box, drag the grey bar to arrange the menu order
– Make a submenu item by nudging the grey bar a bit to right, while it’s under the parent menu. Drag to correct location in menu

Embedding videos
Go to your video’s Vimeo page
> click Share on the video screen (paper plane symbol)
> Click small type ‘show options’ next to Embed field
> bottom of the box, unclick all boxes in ‘Intro’ + unclick ‘Show text link underneath this video’
> copy the iframe code from Embed field
> go to Video page in Dashboard
> Click ‘Text’ tab on top-right corner of the editing field
> Paste in the iframe code + click Update
> Add the video title on top of the video field + Update

Housekeeping to avoid hacks
If WordPress hasn’t automatically updated, always update if one is available – red dot by the dashboard tells you this. Also update plugins.

More on using WordPress & WordPress Forum for specific problems