May 21, 2020

Glyn Davis and Laura Guy are currently developing a book with Bloomsbury entitled Queer Print in Europe, which it is anticipated will be published in 2021. The collection of essays and interviews looks at various forms of queer print (magazines, zines, pamphlets, journals, flyers, photographs, manifestoes, etc) and their traffic within and across European borders from the 1970s onwards. The book has recently developed a gap in the contributor line-up, and the editors are looking for one or two authors to fill it. Specifically, they are looking for submissions that address intersections between Black, POC and queer activism in Europe as expressed in print cultures, preferably of the 1970s and 1980s but not necessarily limited to those decades; they are also interested in contributions that deal with the movement of queer print between European countries and their colonies, and the complex ways in which queer and colonial politics are imbricated through print in the 1970s and after. Other proposals that would connect with, and productively expand, the book’s focus will all be gratefully considered.

The book is working to quite a tight deadline: completed essays would be needed by September/October 2020. If you have an idea for a contribution, or could recommend a potential author, then please contact the editors directly: glyn.davis@ed.ac.uk and laura.guy@newcastle.ac.uk. Please share this post widely!