À propos unmarked, brown paper packaging

May 11, 2017

Artist Mark Clintberg and CRUSEV UK team member Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay presented a book-wrapping action as part of the Between the Sheets: Radical Print Before the Queer Bookstore symposium held at Glasgow’s Centre for Contemporary Art on February 24, 2017. 

The action, created especially for the symposium, responded to the history of printed material of a sexual or queer nature being wrapped in paper that conceals its contents when purchased in shops or sent by post. Symposium guests were invited to bring books or other printed matter to the artists, who provided a wrapping service using screen-printed paper of their own design, created to increase the visibility of the wrapped material, rather than to conceal it. The artists also wrapped and displayed a selection of books from the Glasgow Women’s Library, chosen by Lesbian Archive Project Worker Alice Andrews.

The project evolved out of other collaborative projects between Clintberg and Nemerofsky involving hospitality, wrapping and exchange, including Garde Rose and For the Last Guest. More documentation of the action can be seen here.