To See A Moose – now in English!

May 30, 2021
Cover of English edition of 'To See A Moose'

Agnieszka Koscianska’s book ‘To See A Moose: The History of Polish Sex Education’ – which contains material that she produced as one of the researchers working on Cruising the Seventies – is now available from Berghahn. Previously published in Polish, it has been translated into English by Philip Palmer.

In ‘To See A Moose’, Koscianska looks at how sex education has changed in Poland from the 19th century to the present day. The book explores how sex was described in school textbooks, including those scrapped by the communists for fear of offending religious sentiments, and examines how the Catholic church retained its power in Poland under various regimes. Koscianska also identifies the women and men who changed the way sex was written about in the country, and how they established the field of Polish sex education. Get your copy now!