Trees Are Fags

May 18, 2018

CRUSEV UK team member Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay’s audio project Trees Are Fags launched at LUX Moving Image in London on May 18, 2018. Co-commissioned by CRUSEV and LUX, the thirty-minute audio walk explores the history and aesthetics of gay sex cruising in city parks, making a number of arguments about the links between gay men and trees, unpacking the etymology of the word faggot, proposing the bassoon as the voice of arboreal homosexuality, and asking the listener to tune in to the temporal modes of arboreal life. A shuffling collection of choreographic cues, based on the gestural and affective dimensions of cruising, guide the listener on a search not for another human, but for a tree who might be their lover. The cues are programmed so that each user has a different experience of the piece, and is led on a different path. The launch included a conversation between Nemerofsky and LUX curator Matt Carter.

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